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Accordion Mini Books - Product Ideas

Looking for something unique to display your senior pictures? Check out the accordion mini books for a perfect coffee table display or throw it in a bag to show off to all your friends and family on the go. Why carry around a small wallet when you can throw an accordion book in your bag and brag about all your favorite photos at your next family gathering.

My favorite part about the accordion books are that they are light weight, while also providing durability in your photo display.

I mean come on... who can only ever decide on one photo anyways? These books make it so easy to display a handful of all of your favorites without carrying around a large album.

The accordion books are customized by YOU, and hassle free designed by me. Add your name, graduation year, or a favorite quote to the front or inside of your book.

Want something no one else will have at their graduation party? Be sure to consider your own custom accordion mini book for your senior session!

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