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Product Feature | Premium Wood Folio Boxes

One of my favorite parts about photographing is producing the artwork that makes the images come to life. With the evolution of digital technology and the trend in lifestyle type sessions that produce a wide array of images, I know that it is not always realistic to display a wide array of portraits on your walls. When you have a handful of images that still deserve a place in the printed realm, I've found a handful of luxurious image displays that are perfect for those images that don't find a place on the wall.

Premium wood photo boxes available for photography for family.

The product featured here is a folio box, made of premium walnut wood. Inside the box contains a series of your selected images crafted beautifully inside a sturdy mat. These boxes are extremely versatile, which is why I love them so much!

The versatility of the images inside the boxes can be used for a wide array of uses. You can take the matted images out of the box and put them into your favorite frames, or set them up in a picture ledge or easel display during a family gathering or at your work desk. Some clients will even choose to gift a few of these ready to display images to family or friends.

These beautiful wood folio boxes are sturdy and secure. They make for easy and safe storage to archive and protect your images forever. Not only are they durable, but they are simply beautiful. They make great displays on coffee tables or tucked under entertainment centers or open shelving. This easily accessible piece of art makes it easy to look back on your family memories over the years. What makes these folio boxes custom to you is the ability to add font to the top of your box, stamping your own family engraving into the artwork.

You can't go wrong with this exquisite display!

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