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Senior Pictures - [Sun Prairie High School, Bailee]

I was a softball player back in my day so being able to hangout on the softball field with my high school seniors is always an extra fun session for me! Not to mention, my home turf! One of my favorites things about photographing seniors is customizing the session to capture their interests, passions, and things that are near and dear to their heart.

Using light creatively during my senior sessions allows me to create drama and authenticity in the images. Rather than creating flat, natural light sport imagery, the use of additional lighting brings in another dimension. Adding depth and excitement to an image that would be otherwise, dull. This is why hiring a seasoned professional for the senior portrait experience can be worth it!

I love how Bailee's simple white outfit made her the star of the photos without clashing with the red barn. Photographing in front of bold colors can sometimes be challenging if you aren't wearing the right thing. This set up was perfect!

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