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A Magical Tree Farm Mini

My tree farm sessions seemed to be a hot commodity this year! It was the first year I explored the popular themed mini sessions at a tree farm for the holidays. They were a fun addition to end the year. Although they were all great, this one in particular was just a little bit more magical then the rest.

The pretty lady featured in the blog here, is a childhood best friend of mine. Her sweetheart True, sent me an exciting text message a while before Christmas, asking if we could come up with a game plan to help capture a special proposal to ask Katelyn to marry him. (Disclaimer - keeping this a secret from your bestfriend is really hard work!)

So, I asked Katelyn if her and True wanted to do some modeling for me to advertise my tree farm minis for the following year. It was the perfect opportunity to get them behind the camera! Of course she was easy to oblige and just a day before Christmas Eve, I had the two of them going through what that they thought was just any old photo shoot.

About 10 minutes into our session, I asked each of them to grab a chalkboard (a plan True and I had already come up). I asked them both to write something on the chalk board - each other's favorite food and favorite color. The goal was to see if they would guess correctly. So, standing back to back they wrote their guesses down. Or so she thought..

Her reaction was just as we'd hoped!

We shared some shreaks of excitement, laughter, and joy when she said YES!

We finished the session by photographing them as a newly engaged couple. I watched as tears rolled down Katelyns face. True said he could finally breathe again and I was finally able to share our long time plans of making this special moment happen.

I loved that I got to be a part of this special moment for them and it brings me so much joy to have these photos to share with them as they embark on this new journey together!

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