New One - A three year olds best friend stuffed animal.

I've been photographing these twin boys since before they were even born. I still remember the day their momma told me that she was pregnant while we were doing family photos, what seems like many moons ago. Not one baby, but TWO! This beautiful family is close to my heart and I love them dearly - so I am little biased but I think they're the cutest kiddos on the block.

Every year we get together for photos of the twin boys and their cousins. It is always so fun to see how much they have grown, both inside and out. My personal relationship with the boys mom means we spend quite a bit of time together. The other day as we were gathered around for night of Bachelorette (pinch me - I know), we were looking back on old pictures of the boys together. It reminded me so much of why I love what I do and how important milestone pictures really are to a growing family.

Nolan doesn't ever seem to mind the camera. Even if he isn't paying attention to me, he's always been a pretty good boy and behaving while I am around - ever since day one. Camden on the other hand...

You're probably wondering where the title of this blog post is going to come into play. Well the silly truth is, Camden named his stuffed animal friend "New One" - because well, when he got it, it was a new one! Seems accurate.

Tears are not uncommon for this little guy during our picture taking sessions. But, New One, made a star appearance in this years session helping us get some real smiles from Camden. At one point, I held New One in my right hand and used him to take the photo, Camden thought that was pretty funny. It's amazing where their imaginations wander.

Sessions with kids aren't always easy peasy lemon squeezey. We know that they are unpredictable and have short attention spans. A crying toddler is not the end of the world, we make it work. In just a short 20 minute session we were able to capture some really great smiles as well.

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