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A State Champion Rocks her Softball Session

There is no greater way to celebrate the end of your high school career by winning a State Championship, right? Although Gabi wasn't able to have softball photos taken during her junior year, we were able to squeeze in some softball pictures just before her graduation party to help cap off this amazing high school journey for her. Her completion of her softball career at Sun Prairie High ended in a gold ball. She will continue her academic and softball pursuits at Valparaiso University.

She's good at softball, and she's also good at taking pictures! I love getting out on the playing field with the seniors where I truly get a chance to see a big part of who they are.

Okay but really - how many times do you get to photograph a State Champion??

Including not only high school, but club uniforms always add a piece of memorabilia that fits in within that persons journey through their spots. I always encourage packing a bag full of the gear that provides a window into the sport they love.

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