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How To Prepare for the Best "Getting Ready" Photos on your Wedding Day

Getting ready on your wedding day is often one of the most memorable parts of your story. The coffee, mimosas, food, laughter and anticipation of the day all begin to prepare you for the memories that are to unfold. As a photographer, capturing the getting ready process is an art and if done correctly can be a beautiful part of the finished story.

Sometimes finding beauty in old storage rooms or dark basements can be a daunting task. Although I know that it is not always up to the bride where they can get ready, I’d love to share some tips and ideas for finding a space that will work for both you and your bridal party while also being able to captivate the most beautiful photographs with light, space, and organization. While many venues have rooms designated for getting ready, that isn’t always the case. No matter where you are getting ready, you might find some of these tips to be helpful.

1. Create Space

The more space you have in the designated room, the better it is for everyone involved. Your bridal party, your hair and make-up team, photographers, videographers, etc. If you are restricted to a smaller room, ask people to leave bulky bags in another room or closet. It will clear up space and relieve your photos of distractions in the background.

2. Use Natural Light

I love the look of the natural light that comes in from the windows. It’s softer, and well, just more beautiful. If you are able to choose a space that allows for natural light do your best to find a room that has large windows.

3. Remove Clutter

You probably won’t be thinking too much about keeping your space clean and tidy while you’re getting ready, but you would be surprised how much more seam-line your photos turn out to be when you remember to throw away garbage, pick up things from the floor and move bags to closets. Ask a friend or family member to be on clean-up duty in your getting room to keep things clean and organized while you get ready.

4. Remove Wall Displays

If you’re able to take down wall displays such as old photos, signage, etc. on the walls will make the room feel more seamless and will make distractions in your photos seem less obvious. Always be sure to make sure that things get put pack where they were, as many venues ask that the room looks as it did before you arrived.

5. Look For White Walls

Using natural light in rooms with white walls or neutral color walls will create a more brighter and airy exposed photo. When light is reflected off of a white surface it acts as a natural reflector and reflects a cleaner and softer light onto you. If you are in a darker painted room, the light automatically becomes darker. As a photographer, there are ways to accommodate for lack of light, such as using on or off camera flash, however natural light (at least in my opinion) is always more desirable.

6. Organize your accessories.

When you and your bridesmaids first arrive, try to organize your accessories into a place where you can easily find them and where they can be easily accessed! Shoes, necklaces, earrings, flowers, etc. add to the overall atmosphere of your wedding day and are crucial detail shots for photographing. Take those items out of their bags, away from phone cords and other distracting objects and they can really add to finished wedding album displays.

Sometimes it's is not up to you to decide where you are getting ready. I don’t recommend going to paint the walls at your venue if they aren’t already white BUT, having a few of these tips in mind may increase the chance of you just liking your wedding photos to you really loving them.

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