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Kramschuster Wedding Day

Cory and Abigail Kramschuster decided to get married just days after they both celebrated their own birthdays. It was a whole weekend of celebrations and I think their wedding was really the icing on the cake! I loved the simplicity of this day. Abigail was so calmly precious and Cory seemed so giddy and excited for the anticipation of his beautiful bride to walk down the aisle.

The vail, oh how I love the vail^^. It's so picturesque and princess-like. I adore this shot of mom helping Abigail one last time before the ceremony.

Cory and Abigail wanted to get married in March and were hoping to have a little bit of fresh snow to top off their winter wedding. Although the weather had different plans and brought us chilly temps and a little (or a lot) of wind. But with sunshine and brave souls, Cory and Abigail and the rest of their wedding party created some beautiful outdoor photos!

They were a small group, and it was perfect! I loved working with these guys. They were all so willing to be themselves, laugh, and enjoy the moments of this day together.

"You are my today, and all of my tomorrows" - Leo Christopher

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kramschuster!

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