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Celebrating one year with, miss Aspen!

I really don't think that this one year milestone session could have been any cuter. I mean really. From the outfit to her adorable smile and bright blue eyes... this sweet one made my photography work easy!

I love capturing first year photos. It feels as though they're at an age where they're really starting to grow into their own personality and develop many of their own features. They're on the move and able to communicate and share facial expressions. It's such a fun time to photograph!

I also love incorporating balloons into baby's first year photos, even if you're not doing a cake smash! It adds such a subtle pop of color to an already simple set up. And who doesn't love balloons??

Aspen does! :) ^^

I really enjoyed experimenting with the color of backdrops in this session because of the different colors mom incorporated in her outfits. With a little bit of blue in her flower and a bit of blue in her outfit, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to neutralize the blue into her session.

The cuteness... I just can't!


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